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- The Q1i Approach

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The level of detail in our turnover reports and packages is comprehensive and easy to follow.

It’s in the Detail

Training has been a huge part of Q1i since day one with over a decade and a half of Certified Industry Training Experience.

Q1i offers tailored training services for:

  1. Contractor Project Quality On-Boarding

  2. Fab Shop Quality and Efficiency

  3. Quality System Audit Preparation

  4. Material Awareness and Handling

  5. Material Control and Inspection

  6. Welding Safety Training (including CSA W117.2)

  7. Equipment Turnover Training

  8. Equipment Operation & Maintenance Facilitation

  9. Training Facilitation for Equipment Manufacturers and Operators

  10. Orbital Welding

  11. Welding and Brazing Procedure Qualification

  12. Custom Courses

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Different Methods of NDE

Different Methods of NDEEach method of Non Destructitve Examination (NDE) of welds has its strengths and its weaknesses in determining specific features of a material.


MT and PT are used for detecting surface flaws. MT relies on a magnetic field and steel particles; an indication or discontinuity in the weld allows the magnetic flux to leak, attracting the particles. PT uses a liquid penetrant that is applied to the weld, then removed; a developer draws any remaining penetrant out of any openings, making small cracks, holes or crevices easily visible.


RT and UT are volumetric tests. RT uses Gamma or X-rays to create a sharp, detailed 3-D image of a weld joint and HAZ on a film, whereas UT and PAUT uses sound waves to find discontinuities in the weld.


Visual Testing (VT) which is the primary and all-encompassing form of welding inspection along with the inspector’s knowledge and observations of the welding process, welding environment, material selection, condition, preparation, fit up, tacking, interpass and weld finishing will usually determine if a weld is sound or acceptable. The NDE methods listed above are used along with VT to determine weld soundness and Quality acceptance

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